New Food at the Fair - 2022

PresidentialfoodsignFair President Daryl G. Urmy wants YOU to VOTE for your favorite BEST NEW FOOD served at the Fair. Look for the red diamond sign at participating concession stands and cast your ballot!


Check out these yummy descriptions for the numbered entries and scroll down to see tantalizing photos!

Location-map ballots are available inside the Fair’s main exhibition building Agri~Plex and at both InFAIRmation booths, as well as at participating food stands. Fairgoers may pick one up to guide them to the new foods and then cast their ballots for the best. Completed ballots can be dropped at each admission gate.

The stands participating will be denoted by a red diamond shaped sign asking for fairgoers to VOTE!



Guava Jelly BBQ Chicken
3 L Catering


Guava jelly BBQ chicken is a savory and sweet combination of island flavors. The sauce is made with fresh guava and guava jam with a melody of herbs and lemon juice.


Raspberry & Peach Dumpling
Bissinger Catering & Concessions


A fresh peach dumpling with raspberries.


Banana Ball Blitz
Cals Concessions (Taste Our Balls)


Deep-fried banana balls served with a topping choice (chocolate syrup, peanut butter sauce, caramel, or strawberry) with whipped cream and a cherry on top!



Jamaican Jerk Pork served on CoCo Bread
Caribbean Island Cuisine


Pork marinated in their own special blend of island spices and liquids creating an authentic jerk marinade. Baked to perfection and served on a soft fresh made CoCo Bread. 


Strawberry Funnel Cake Taco
Danny's Fine Foods


A dessert taco filled with pieces of funnel cake topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberries.


Smores Funnel Cake on a Stick
Fired Up Concession


Funnel cake on a stick, dipped in marshmallow fluff, rolled in graham cracker and drizzled with chocolate.



Birthday Cake Kettle Corn
Hoff's Kettle Corn


Birthday cake flavored kettle corn with sprinkles.


Redneck Mac Bowl
Holy Macaroni

8redneck mac bowl

Infused cavatalli noodles, 6-cheeses, pulled pork and bacon, topped with extra cheese, BBQ sauce, bacon and biscuit crumbles.


  Cheesesteak Dumplings
Humpty's Food Group

9HumptyDumplings CheesesteakDumplin

Deep fried dumplings are a riff on a classic Philly cheesesteak. The dumplings are filled with chip steak, American cheese and ample seasonings then baked in dough and fried to crispy golden perfection. Try them dipped in ranch ketchup or their secret recipe Hof sauce, or let their cheesy goodness stand out by itself.



La Jefa
Puerto Rican Culture Preservation


Pastelillo made out of skirt steak and mashed fried plantains.


Guilty Pleasure Burger
RK Mobile Foods


A 5oz burger with hash brown patties as a bun, bacon, over easy egg and cheese.


Brussel Sprouts
Rose Concessions


Brussel sprouts fried to perfection!


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