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New Food at the Fair

PresidentialfoodsignFair President Bev Gruber wants YOU to VOTE for your favorite BEST NEW FOOD served at the Fair. Look for the red diamond sign at participating concession stands and cast your ballot! Location maps are available at InFAIRmation Booths and inside AgriPlex.

1 diamond

Danny’s Fine Foods - White Chocolate Pop

Made from a secret recipe of Oreo cookie crumbs and cream cheese, this pop is then dipped in white chocolate, frozen and then deep-fried. A beautiful sweet served on a stick.


Danny’s Fine Foods - Danny’s Hawaiian Chicken

This absolutely delicious entrée is chicken, dipped in a southern style batter, fried, then dipped a second time in a funnel cake batter and served with powdered sugar and sweet and sour sauce. A real must-try.


Grim’s Orchards & Family Farms - Apple Cider Doughnuts on a Stick

What’s better than a local apple cider? It’s mini apple cider doughnuts, served on a stick and dusted in powdered sugar. Don’t miss these tasty pastries.


Grim's Orchard & Family Farms - Ice Cream Cider Doughnuts

A perfect treat for a walk down the midway is cider doughnut with ice cream in the middle. It’s a great combination for a hot fall day.
5 diamond

Audrey Michael Concessions - Twisted Banana

This delightful, all natural ice cream-based treat is good for you as well as refreshing. What’s better than crushed bananas, ice cream and a fruit topping. Best part, it is low on the calorie count.

5 Twisted Banana

6 diamond

Willow Street Pub - Lobster Lettuce Wrap

After serving hot lobster roll sandwiches for years, the Willow Street Pub is introducing this enticing new offering of lobster salad served cold in a wrap of crisp lettuce. Very refreshing on a hot fair day.


Vince’s Cheesesteaks - Southwest Chicken Cheese Steak

A new take on his traditional cheesesteak, this sandwich will feature grilled chicken topped with pepper jack cheese, onion rings, black bean salsa, fried corn and chipotle mayo. Don’t pass up this savory fare.


Phillip’s Concessions - Deep Fried Bananas

A flavorful banana is dipped in sweet batter, sprinkled with powdered sugar and topped with cream cheese. This yummy treat is a great way to top off a night at the fair. Available at all three stands.

8 Deep Fried Bananas


Rose’s Concessions - Black & White Cheese Steak

Hot, spicy and wonderful, this cheese steak is a combination of beef and chicken topped with cheese, mushrooms, onions and pepper, served on a soft steak roll.


Caribbean Noodles - Caribbean Kabobs

Fresh veggies–zucchini, onion, pepper and tomato–with Seitan (vegan meat), served with a choice of different Island seasonings, and it’s on a stick. Very good eating!

10 Caribbean Kabobs 


Caribbean Noodles - Jamaican Jerk Chicken on a Stick

This boneless, skinless chicken breast is cut into thick strips, marinated in authentic homemade jerk sauce and grilled. Delicious dining on a stick.

11 Jamaican Jerk Chicken


Angelo's Concessions - The Walking Taco

A taco in a bag! Seasoned taco meat, cheese, lettuce, sour cream and a fork is added to a bag of Fritos or Dorito chips. A great treat that lets you walk and eat at the same time.

12 Walking Taco


Mr. Sticky’s - Bacon Sticky Bun

Everything’s better with bacon, especially Mr. Sticky’s hot cinnamon bun. He starts with his regular sticky bun confection, adds thick cut smoked bacon strips and a dash of sea salt. Served to you hot and gooey.

13 Bacon Sticky Bun

14 diamond

Michael’s Concessions - Banana Split on a Stick

Sure to wow you, this summery treat includes all those items you get in a banana split–strawberries, chocolate, pineapple and bananas–but it’s on a stick and oh, so good!

14 Banana Split on Stick


Maddalena’s Cheesecake - Cheesecake Filled Cannoli on a Stick

What’s better than a homemade cannoli? A cannoli that has been stuffed with cheesecake batter and conveniently served on a stick. It’s scrumptious, and bound to impress.

16 diamond

Power’s Concessions - Deep Fried Pop-Tarts

Are your taste buds ready for this deep-fried temptation? Powers Food is frying one of our favorite snacks, the Pop-Tart, giving it a delicious twist.



2015 - WINNERS!

2015 winner1st place winner: Vince's Cheesesteak's – Hog Wings
2nd place winner: Mr BBQ 911 – 911 Potbelly Stuffed Potato
3rd place winner: Caribbean Noodles – Caribbean Noodles